As you can probably tell from the title of my blog I’ve reached my twilight, I mean mid-life years and like so many before me I'm having a crisis!  The only difference is I couldn’t get in and out of a sports car (bloody back!) and I didn’t have the heart or the inclination (or money) to have some bit of stuff hanging off my arm whilst I sported the very latest in Gold medallions!

My solution? To buy a little camper, pack up all my worldly belongings and set-out on an adventure to find myself!  So, here you will find my musings and photographs (all of which are for sale at reasonble download prices).

Relax, explore and enjoy!

Travel Musings

Photographic Projects


"It is a common misconception that the ultimate power belongs to the Governments. Because the greatest power has always, and will always belong to the people.  The elite knows this, which is why they divide us, so we can hate and fear each other, thereby disempowering the greatest power there is, which is the power of the people! It is critical that we stop fighting each other and start fighting for each other"                            (The free thought project)